Error validating proxy netscreen

18-Jul-2017 03:25

getting this when I attempt to connect with the client: 1-25: .919 1-25: .919 My Connections\Mor Bros - Initiating IKE Phase 1 (IP ADDR= 1-25: .185 My Connections\Mor Bros - SENDING ISAKMP OAK AG *(HASH, NOTIFY: STATUS_REPLAY_STATUS, NOTIFY: STATUS_INITIAL_CONTACT) 1-25: .450 My Connections\Mor Bros - Established IKE SA 1-25: .450 My Connections\Mor Bros - MY COOKIE 2b 9e 86 39 6c 6c c9 a2 1-25: .450 My Connections\Mor Bros - HIS COOKIE b4 86 17 12 ed b2 ae b5 1-25: .544 My Connections\Mor Bros - RECEIVED ISAKMP OAK TRANS *(HASH, ATTR) 1-25: .012 My Connections\Mor Bros - Initiating IKE Phase 2 with Client IDs (message id: 842A13B7) 1-25: .012 My Connections\Mor Bros - Initiator = IP ADDR=, prot = 0 port = 0 1-25: .012 My Connections\Mor Bros - Responder = IP SUBNET/MASK=, prot = 0 port = 0 1-25: .012 My Connections\Mor Bros - SENDING192.168.1.200.

1-25: .137 My Connections\Mor Bros - Failure adding VA route for remote subnet

We took the advice in each product's documentation to pick the heaviest "safe" scan--safe in the sense that the scan was not supposed to crash any system, although this definitely wasn't the case (see "Caveat Emptor").

But as January's SQL Slammer worm reminded us, exploits aren't timed to coincide with audits.

Given a network range by the security manager, the VA attempts to determine which IP addresses are in use. The VA uses a variety of techniques, ranging from simply trying to connect (a port scan) to gathering actual socket information out of SNMP. The tool employs a long series of tests to find out if each system is susceptible to a particular known bug or problem.

Smarter products iterate between phases two and three, learning more and using that information to launch additional tests.

Nessus came in with a slightly lower score, but with no false positives.

Retina and SAINT did well in most cases, but both had major functional flaws.Some products try to brute-force guess passwords on accounts.

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