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26-Nov-2017 08:57

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Is it possible to have X4 and X6/7 use the same library without re-jiggering the database everytime it starts up? I've noticed that newly imported pdf's are not searchable. Upon looking in the endnote directory I noticed that the pdf.index. I use the "search Any Field PDF" feature a lot to do keyword searches in the PDFs stored in my Endnote database. For example, I'll search a combination of terms that actually exists in 250 references, but the search will only return 40 of these.This guide will aid you in performing basic tasks using End Note.The guide has been recently updated to reflect changes since the release of the most current version of End Note (X8, or "End Note Eighteen"); however, most of the content is still applicable to older versions of End Note.

The producers of End Note have put together several comprehensive videos on End Note for i Pad.(I know the 250 references exist because I have another, more powerful but nonintegrated and resource-intensive search program called Power GREP that tells me so.) In the past, I've solved the problem by making a copy of the library, which has caused the program to reindex the pdfs.Unfortunately, it didn't work the last time I tried it.For a very long time I have been a proudly End Note user.

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Recently the IT people of The University of Nottingham installed the End Note X4 version on my computer and for my surprise it cannot open the endnote file I was using with End Note X3.

1) I tried to see with my Pdf file attachments (both linked and copied) if I could search in full text the PDFs ("full text" means [a] searching within the attached PDF text layer in my very basic English, but I noted that you use [b] "searching full text" with another meaning - I mean [a]). 2) I tried to see if I could search PDF metadata, but with no results either.