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10-Feb-2018 22:34

Having your mental state used against you is something all too familiar for me.

In addition, I’ve been on the receiving end of many conversations from those who don’t understand the severity of such issues, often describing such feelings as fleeting, or that I should just “snap out of it”.

As you may know, Drake himself has several tattoos of family, friends and icons, including: Lil Wayne, Denzel Washington, Aaliyah and even his father's mug shot.

Dennis looked to celebrity tattoo artist Money Mike for the new ink, which is features the rapper looking over his shoulder and giving that Drake look we all know and love. News about the process, explaining, "I went to Drake's dad's birthday party and we were talking tattoos and it so happened that he wanted to get one. He was absolutely amazed by it."Speaking of new ink, last week Drake immortalized Denzel Washington with a tattoo of the actor's character Bleek Gilliam from the 1990 film winner commemorated her milestone finish with some fresh ink.

I wanted it engraved on me forever." Among the sexy star's many symbolic tats are the geographical coordinates of the places her children were brought into her life.

They cover the spot on her arm where she had ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton’s name removed.

Don't expect to see Brad Pitt's name on her body, though.

In the song ‘Two Birds, One Stone’, Drake raps that Cudi is simply going through “phases”, refers to the latter as “angry”, while also needing to stay “xanned and perked up” (referring to the prescription drugs Xanax and Percoset, used to treat anxiety and panic attacks), so that he doesn’t have to face reality.

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s someone who has personally battled mental health problems like Cudi’s, Drake’s words are disheartening, and yet entirely expected.

He found himself initially unsupported by his father, refusing to accept the diagnosis, while the character’s mother dismissed it as a “white people’s” problem.

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