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Attraction is just one of the essential five C’s for a healthy and fulfilling match, one piece of the entire love puzzle. is the term I’ll use here for God’s desire for your relationship. And, down the road: Is God leading you to marry him?

You can have all four of the five C’s, but if the “C” of Calling isn’t present, it will never work.

You want to know that the other person is honest and reliable; you want to have confidence that he will be there for you no matter what may come. True beauty is more than a perfect smile or fit body.

It’s comprised of both inner and outer qualities, and how that person makes you feel.

Article Chris Brack Download this year's FREE Advent calendar to get 23 Scripture readings, devotions and pieces to build your own Nativity set! There’s no formula to follow, but there are ways you can grow every day.

Also get directions for how to create an Advent wreath. Focus on the Family’s 7 Traits of Effective Parenting Assessment gives parents an honest look at their unique strengths, plus some areas that could use a little help.

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I know one quality I want in a man is someone who has the courage to step up and pursue me, not just “hang out” and keep me guessing as to whether we’re really dating or just friends.Read more Article Chip Ingram One of our top 25 most-viewed parenting articles: "The Biblical Approach to Spanking." Regardless of the method, the Bible's word on discipline clearly demands that parents be responsible and diligent.Read more Article Sheila Seifert One of our top 25 most-viewed parenting articles: "Age-Appropriate Chores." Do you know which chores your child can do?You may be surprised at how capable your kids are and what they can do to help out.

Read more One of our top 25 most-viewed parenting articles: "Strong-Willed Women Mothering Strong-Willed Children." It can be tough to parent a younger version of yourself.Think about the spiritual aspect of your relationship: Do you want someone who will attend church with you every Sunday? Or does he drive you crazy because he never stops talking—or doesn’t share enough? One afternoon, “Brandon” and I drove to a football game in a city nearly three hours away and he was completely silent throughout the drive, the game and halftime! How well do your personalities and temperaments mesh? If you’re exclusive as a couple and he dates someone behind your back, that’s dishonest.

We decided to put this theory to the test and analyzed over 1.8 million online dating interactions in the UK to discover the likelihood of users to contact other users based on race. It’s apparent that online daters in the UK prefer to date outside of their own ethnicity.… continue reading »

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There are quite a few quality adult sex sites online and you can spot them because of the fact that they are discreet, offer a comprehensive security warning, have many pages of disclaimers and require that you complete and fill out a personal particulars form before you continue - one that has to be verified through email.… continue reading »

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amounts of debt to buy stocks in a market whose outstanding supply of shares is shrinking. Closely related to our worry about borrowing to buy back stock is ...5 stocks to buy in 2017 - Dec. Share buybacks: What they are and why they may not work - Business ..businessinsider.com/whats-a-buyback-and-why-do-some-investors-hate-them-2... … continue reading »

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Is that a feature that her audience is really looking for? Looking back, it's pretty embarrassing that we all let Pamela Anderson have a career. It had nothing to do with her acting abilities or anything else that wasn't her boobs.… continue reading »

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