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Last year I had a lot of success with the 4222, haven't played with it in FUT 16, but I'm confident I can select the right lineup tactics to win D1 again with this team.It's a very attacking formation obviously but with Pogba and Matuidi bossing the center of the park I'm not too worried about defending.

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A big thank you goes to Evo Gregorian, Nicky Forbes, Bruce Barlow and Chris Caisse who invested extra time to this program.Thank you Bruce for all your help installing our new camera in the barn.Our first owlet Penelope has been itchy to make her first trip out of the nesting box.That's why I put Griezmann on the right so he can cut in and have a shot with his stronger left foot.

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Nesting Barn Owls sometimes store dozens of prey items at the nest site while they are incubating to feed the young once they hatch.