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If a response to a question has a lot disturbances, less talking time, repeated words, and poor logical structure, then the person may be lying.Vocal cues such as frequency height and variation may also provide meaningful clues to deceit.As previously stated, a specific behavioral indicator of deception does not exist.

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Noted deception scholar Aldert Vrij even states that there is no nonverbal behavior that is uniquely associated with deception.

Another cue for detecting deceptive speech is the tone of the speech itself.

Streeter, Krauss, Geller, Olson, and Apple (1977) have assessed that fear and anger, two emotions widely associated with deception, cause greater arousal than grief or indifference, and note that the amount of stress one feels is directly related to the frequency of the voice.

Deception violates relational rules and is considered to be a negative violation of expectations.

Most people expect friends, relational partners, and even strangers to be truthful most of the time.

Some forms of deception include: Deception detection between relational partners is extremely difficult, unless a partner tells a blatant or obvious lie or contradicts something the other partner knows to be true.