Dealing with ex husband dating

20-Oct-2017 08:08

After a bad divorce we have reached a point of civility and actually get along very well. However her relationship with her ex husband is a little different. I would say that unless you are totally in love with this woman you should extricate yourself from this relationship. However she thinks nothing of her son calling him and having him bring him a shirt to her house. We go to his apartment several times a week to drop of a Playstation game because her son wants it. It is something you both need to sit down and talk about it and let her handle it upon what you guys agreed on. Joe knew none of it was good for his 10-year-old son, Sammy.While he wasn’t willing to be Maria’s doormat, he desperately wanted to do right by his son.

Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Just play cool, let your SO handle it and if she doesn't, then YOU handle it in a civilized way and tell him he needs to back off.[quote=sunshineleith;12753305]How fresh in the past is her divorce? My frustration is that when I say anyting she says "well he just came for the kids, not me". Ever since his divorce he tried to do everything he could think of to get along with his ex, Maria.It seemed like no matter how hard he tried nothing worked.Without a doubt, dealing with the unrelenting antics of a contentious ex can be exhausting.

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If you’re tired of feeling emotionally drained, frustrated and hopeless, here are a couple of tips for minimizing the BIG payoff and curbing divorce drama.

I guess the question you have to ask yourself, is, "If this situation and its level and type of interaction with the ex does not change (cause it won't) is this a relationship in which I am going to feel happy, loved, respected and am on board with? While maintaining a good working relationship with your ex is important when there are children involved, your girlfriend is essentially still in a relationship with her ex. That has stopped to a point now since I came in the picture.