Dating trends

04-Apr-2018 19:25

You are texting and snapchatting, but you're not being taken out or having interactions IRL. You talk everyday, hang out often, pretty much doing everything you should be with someone you're dating.It gives you hope that you can be put into the action any minute, but also means that you will tend to put the rest of your dating life on hold till this person comes around... You feel like you and the person you're dating are headed for that magical ride into the sunset...

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This trend is actually not all that new, but has finally been given a name.They have met everyone important to you and it's perfect...but you have not met anyone significant in to them.This is the trend that is played up hard by people who honestly just want an ego boost.

They give you just enough attention to keep you hooked, but not enough to actually build a real relationship with you.

First Impressions A good first impression can make all the difference!

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