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Changes in Discount Rates - the IRR rule tells us to accept projects where the IRR is greater than the opportunity cost of capital or WACC.

The IRR can be calculated using trial and error (changing the discount rate until the NPV = 0).

Cons - Does not take into account the time value of money.

Discounted cash flow should be the preferred way to evaluate payback since it does recognize the time value of money.

IRRs Do Not Add Up - one of the strengths of the NPV approach is that if you need to add one project to an existing project you can simply add the NPVs together to evaluate the entire project.

IRRs on the other hand cannot be added together so projects must be combined or evaluated on an incremental basis.

Description - Perhaps the mostly widely used technique for analyzing a potential investment opportunity or project is the net present value of cash flow or NPV approach.

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