Dating play hard to get

16-Mar-2018 11:19

It's OK to be genuinely enthusiastic about spending time with her, but don't tell her you love her on the second date. In the beginning, dating about twice a week is a comfortable start.

Expect the Counterattack Remember, though, that she's getting the same advice you are - to play it cool and not be too available.

Don’t throw yourself at them but don’t give them a hard time either.

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Or she might be seeing someone else because you're playing hard to get and not showing enough interest.

It's going to be tough forming a close relationship if you're both busy acting like you don't care all that much.

Don't try to make her jealous by recounting how many girls hit on you or how you danced all night. Mutual Respect In the end, the advice about playing hard to get doesn't work. That means respecting your friends and your plans with them - don't dump your buddies for your girl.

That also means respecting your sweetie and the activities she's scheduled.

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She might be inventing plans so that you don't think she's waiting around for your call.

Recently, a young lady in the back row challenged me with a series of pointed inquiries: “Why can’t men take more action in dating? And hopefully, this will clarify why a lot of guys do what we do.

Either way, I now know this is the same man, so another minor mystery solved!… continue reading »

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