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06-Jul-2017 01:10

Although this is a redundant subject, I would say that you should say something. Are you then also paying for things when you are at his place such as meals, groceries, entertainment, etc.? I would guess that those things probably cost about the same as your gas/travel costs to some degree.It sounds rather materialistic and/or uncomfortable to talk about, but if you like the guy and he likes you then there should be enough openness to discuss this subject. You are the one that has made it too easy for him and then got pissed off because he accepted your conditions.

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If you choose the latter, which I think you should btw, you need to be prepared for him to say no because it may change the way you think about him. Some people are great partners when everything is done their way. Im a little tired after an hour drive, Let alone 2 and a half!!! If both our places were fine for guests, and we were both financially able, then we should split the drives.

Three months into their long-distance relationship, Larry brought up the topic because money had been such a major issue in a prior marriage. Start talking about money right away, particularly if it has been an issue in past relationships.

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