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06-Mar-2018 22:33

4chan is very different from most other online sites in that it is both anonymous and its posts are ephemeral: they are deleted after a short while. We used a database containing hate words to understand what are the most prominent hate words, what is the incidence of hate speech and so on.The percentage of /pol/ posts containing hate speech is 12%, whereas on Twitter it’s 2%. It's not perfect, because we used a keyword-based list, so we might actually be missing some hate speech that doesn’t just fall into these pre-compiled categories.So we did this study, the first of its kind in tracing links between services.

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Because /pol/ is such a hateful platform, we saw empirically that often, people would post hyperlinks to You Tube videos that went against their world-views.

So we wanted to understand whether this is true, and to what extent they actually influence the rest of the web. We selected /pol/, the politically incorrect board, which is where most alt-right users gather and discuss their world-views.