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In contrast to the pattern of variation at mitochondrial genes, which do provide phylogenetic resolution at the level of mbuna versus nonmbuna, and among some genera, the nuclear loci were virtually devoid of phylogenetic signal.Twelve different genomic regions were used in the study.Three regions are from protein-coding genes, and nine are noncoding regions that flank STRs and which were accessible by the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) because of previous sequencing of the STR and its flanking regions in mbuna species. Locus-specific primer sequences were developed to sequence the flanking region (Supplementary Table 2, Supplementary Material online).A recurring and challenging quest in the study of Lake Malawi haplochromines has been the search for characters or genetic loci that can be used to help resolve the phylogenetic history of this radiation (Greenwood 1979; Moran and Kornfield 1993; Sueltmann and Mayer 1997; Albertson et al. Among mbuna, genetic variation has been showed to be shared, both among species and among genera, for several types of genetic markers, including allozymes (Kornfield 1978; Mc Kaye et al. There have been several studies on variation in the mitochondrial ND2 gene among African great lake cichlids (Kocher et al. The aligned partial sequences each had a length of 981 bp. Lake Malawi is estimated to have last dried out somewhere between 0.57 and 1 MYA (Delvaux 1996).

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1982, 1984), mitochondrial haplotype data (Moran and Kornfield 1993; Parker and Kornfield 1997), and microsatellite or short tandem repeat (STR) loci (Kornfield and Parker 1997) and nuclear DNA sequences (Hey et al. The pattern has largely been interpreted as caused by recent speciation and persistence of ancestral polymorphism (Moran and Kornfield 1993), as well as being caused by occasional gene exchange (Danley et al. For outgroups, we used sequences from the Lake Tanganyika species , were provided by J. Because this date is recent and uncertain, we have used the origin of Lake Tanganyika together with a representative of the most basal cichlid lineage from that lake to root and date the radiation of Lake Malawi cichlids.It is a known fact finding someone in mzuzu is frustrating, so we designed this site with these things in mind: make finding locals easy, mobile, and 100% free.

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