Dating bipolar people

05-Nov-2017 18:39

Tina, who has bipolar disorder, has been with her current partner for six years and finds that her volatility is the real test: “He's been so supportive and patient with me.

But because I can't control my actions, thoughts and feelings sometimes, I find it hard to show him how much I love and appreciate him.” Which brings us on to the depressive lows.

“One-night stands on a low mood can be awful and lead to incredible self-loathing.

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With my current partner, if I’m really low I will push him away, not letting him touch or kiss me.” Yet if someone in a depressed bipolar state, or the common mixed state – where features of hypomania combine with those of depression - starts to self-medicate with sex, the result is rarely positive.

I’d always known he struggled with high and low moods.

But it wasn’t until the intimate aspect of our relationship fell apart that I realised, perhaps selfishly, that something else was wrong.

“This could be anything from same-sex encounters to sex in public.

“Given the social double standard we have around male and female sexuality, women in particular can find themselves ‘shamed’ for what they get up to.

Years ago, I dated a guy with undiagnosed bipolar disorder. When low, his habit of stumbling out of bed to browse porn as the kettle boiled, or spending hours trawling the profile pictures of escorts had me convinced he had some sort of addiction issues.

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