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15-Jan-2018 12:32

It takes a big man to step into cult criminal author Mark Brandon Read’s shoes – the guy had both his ears cut off to get out of a maximum security prison, for heaven’s sake.But Eric Bana does it beautifully in Chopper, set in a thoroughly dodgy and drug-filled late 80s and early 90s Melbourne.Drinking, fighting, sex, racism, drugs, burglary, guns…no wonder Romper Stomper was advertised with the tagline “Mad Max eat your heart out” on its release in 1992.

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His feigned kindness soon spirals into intoxicated captivity, gruesome murder and that infamous scene with the severed spine, or "head on a stick". This Australian-French comedy-drama is about a socially awkward “ugly duckling” called Muriel (Toni Collette) – in case you didn’t get that from the title.

Full of garish ballroom dancing costumes, manic/ lonely middle aged has-beens and a clichéd Spanish family, like the Pan-Pacific Grand Prix it needs no new steps.