Dating and money problems

03-Jun-2018 01:46

Is that just an excuse or do men really feel challenged in this area?In addition to "getting to know someone," an important part of dating/courting is observing a man's character.I believe that a man who is pursuing a woman for dates should already be convinced of his readiness to marry in a timely manner.And that includes the ability to pay for the outings.If he says he likes you but can't afford to date you, you have to wonder what would change so he could afford to marry you.If marriage is "too expensive," and the whole goal of dating is to find a mate, why waste time dating him?At times, I feel led to say, "Well, we can go Dutch." But in saying that, the guy's ego gets in the way, and he won't feel right if he can't pay for the date.

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They want to date me, but it seems that their "male ego" won't let them because of financial struggles.

They feel or may insist on paying for a date or two but their financial situation won't allow them to at the moment. My question is how do I as a female handle this situation?

Should we just ignore our interest in each other until times get better?

When credit is tight and lenders are more hesitant to dole out loans, a person’s credit score may become a relationship deal-breaker.

If your partner has lousy credit, you could find yourselves struggling to buy a house or drowning in a mountain of credit-card debt.

Couples with healthy money-management styles can look forward to fewer fights and a more comfortable budget.

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