Dating an ampeg svt classic

14-Oct-2017 18:36

Each group uses a unique serialization scheme that can be used to assist in dating the amps, but in many cases, it is the features and characteristics of the amps that determine the year of manufacture.

Electronic Industries Association (EIA) codes can also be very useful for giving clues as to an amp's age.

The current Ampeg company is mainly known in the field of bass amps.

They also have a line of guitar amplifiers and a remake of the Dan Armstrong guitar and bass. Louis Music (also makers of Crate amps) was purchased by LOUD Technologies Inc.

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In September, 1967 Ampeg became a subsidiary of Unimusic, Inc.Ampeg is a manufacturer of musical instruments, especially the musical instrument amplifier, established by Everett Hull and Stanley Michaels in 1946, and now headquartered in Woodinville, Washington.