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Since God defined marriage we do not have the authority as His creation to change His design.And He has defined it as being between one man and one woman (and has reaffirmed this design throughout Scripture, e.g., ).In our culture, so heavily influenced by evolution, marriage is thought to be just another thing that evolved along the way.And if marriage evolved before, then marriage can evolve again.Homosexual relations and multiple partners are no longer frowned upon by the culture, and polyamory—basically adultery with consent from your partner—is on the rise.Even among 20-somethings who currently attend church, almost 40% don’t think premarital sex is wrong. America, in times past, based its thinking on God’s Word.

In 2014 Ok Cupid launched features allowing users to choose from 22 different gender and 12 sexual orientation options to describe themselves.It’s a common claim today that gender is fluid and can be whatever we want it to be. God created “male and female.” Sadly, sin ruined God’s “very good” () creation and now everything—including gender—is part of a sin-cursed world.But that doesn’t mean that God’s design can be thrown out the window.Morality was largely determined by what God’s Word taught.

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Marriage and sex were both sacred to the culture because God’s Word views them as sacred.

A common argument for gay “marriage” is “if they love one another . Of course, if this is the standard, then what is wrong with adultery, bestiality, polyamory, polygamy, or pedophilia?

You and your man have your own time, he and his child have their own time, and when you’re ready, the three of you can have time together.… continue reading »

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