Consolidating debt affects credit

02-Oct-2017 14:36

But even though your credit may be golden, it can be tough to apply for credit jointly since your spouse's credit will also be considered. If you need both paychecks to qualify for the mortgage, the lender will look at both credit profiles.

And unfortunately, they will use your spouses credit score as the primary in underwriting your loan.

A person's income and availability of assets also affects the credit rating or score he or she receives.

When an individual wishes to secure a mortgage or car loan, he or she must have a sufficient credit rating.

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It’s like having a kid who got the cold from the school. Thus, the prudent thing to do is to initially maintain separate financial accounts and coach the other to learn personal finance and gradually improves his/her credit score. Say you want to buy a house and you shop for a mortgage based on both credit scores.That can include a car loan or credit card, as well as a mortgage.

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