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The Office of the Law Revision Counsel decides where general and permanent freestanding provisions are placed in the Code. Generally, the print version of the Code is updated within six weeks to a year after the end of a session of Congress to include the laws enacted during that session. For the most current version of the Code that is provided for searching and browsing on this website, updates are made throughout a congressional session on an ongoing basis as public laws are enacted.

For the print version of the Code, each title is updated once a year to include all of the laws enacted during the latest session of Congress. Unless otherwise provided by law, an act is effective on its date of enactment. Is the text of a law changed when it goes into the United States Code?

Unlike the authors of other bills in Congress, authors of a codification bill are not free to put into the bill provisions that reflect the particular policy choices of any Member of Congress or any other person. 1712, and clicking the link brings up an image of the page, where the text can be found.

Instead, the codification attorneys must be scrupulous in ensuring that any changes in the form of the law that the codification bill may propose do not change the meaning or effect of the existing law that is restated in the codification bill. 1712 – is included in a Codification note on the webpage for 25 U. Any amendatory laws will also be cited in the Codification note. 640d) , viewing a prior version of the statute in the dropdown box (such as 2012 Ed.

However, it is the printed version of the Code that is recognized under law as evidence of the laws of the United States in all courts, tribunals, and public offices of the United States, the States, and the Territories and possessions of the United States ( 1 U. These changes, which include changes in section designations, headings, and translations, do not change the meaning of the law. What is the difference between a United States Code section and a statutory note?

Both Code sections and statutory notes are based on provisions of Federal statutes.

When a Code section or an amendment to a Code section is effective on a date other than its date of enactment, the Code will almost always include an effective date note under the section. What version of the United States Code is the official version? Several private companies publish both print and online versions of the Code. The text of the law is not changed in positive law titles.

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Amended generally “Amended generally” is used in amendment notes to indicate that the provision was amended “to read as follows . .” Amendment note An amendment note is an editorial note explaining how an act amended a Code section.

A non-positive law title is a title of the Code that consists of an editorial arrangement of Federal statutes. Does the United States Code contain all the Federal laws? The Code only includes the general and permanent laws of the United States.

Temporary laws, such as appropriations acts, and special laws, such as one naming a post office, are not included in the Code.

Analysis An analysis is a table of contents of a unit of the Code, such as a subtitle or chapter.

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Appendix An appendix is the material that follows titles 5, 11, 18, 28, and 50 of the Code.

It is distinguished from a statutory note, which is based on a provision of law. Effective Date note An effective date note is a note that relates to the effective date of a provision of an act.

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