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The bloody accident in her dream turns out to be a big part of Ms. Ewell lives in a huge and luxurious home, with her precious three-year-old daughter "Mia" (impersonated by sisters Ariella and Isabella Nurkovic). He wants to get back together with Ewell, but she refuses due to his cheating past.

Heartaches in the household arise when Ewell's estranged husband Bryce Johnson (as Daniel Miller) calls his former home. While she's working, Ewell, must put her doll-like daughter in daycare.

When she accuses a member of the team of committing heinous acts against her on a night she can't even remember, will anyone believe her?

When lacrosse star Bridgette fails her core classes, she is kicked off the team until she can improve her grades.

Amanda and John adopt a gorgeous baby girl from Europe.

They played pranks on each other, competed for the most boring guy on the planet, and eventually come together to perform synchronized rifle dancing.

"Brendan & I are excited to announce the birth of our daughter, Isabella Victoria Rooney! "#soclose #10days #prayers #motivation #holidayparty #letsdothis #can Iwearleggings @boobdesign." Three days later, she joked about riding a Costco cart as she did last-minute food shopping.