Christian singles dating divorced men

07-Apr-2018 14:59

They would turn to texts like Matthew , to prove their point.I would agree that the engagement was taken so seriously it had to be broken as though it were a marriage.These were difficult words, but Jesus urged His disciples to consider them seriously.This text makes sexual immorality the only basis for divorce.I would remind you that this is a parallel passage to Matthew 19.I understand that the reason why Jesus does not mention the exception in Mark's Gospel is that He is trying to emphasize "the rule" and not "the exception." That was the problem with the Pharisees.Our Lord's questioners responded by asking why Moses commanded that one give his wife a bill or certificate of divorce.Jesus made it very clear that Moses never commanded divorce; he permitted it because of the hardness of men's hearts (Matthew 19:7-8). In a sinful, fallen, world, divorce is a pragmatic way of dealing with broken relationships.

Virtually everyone was shocked to hear what Jesus was saying.The question they had for Jesus was, "Could one divorce for any and every reason?" This seems to be the same attitude we see in our own day.Some, He said, were born as eunuchs, while others were involuntarily made to be eunuchs.

Some men even chose to become eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom.

They had made the exception (there can be divorce, when there is sexual immorality) to be the rule (there can be divorce for any reason at all).