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26-Mar-2018 22:42

A Charlotte Observer investigation found that a hidden world of drugs, sex and gang violence thrives inside North Carolina prisons – and that officers who are paid to prevent such corruption are instead fueling it.When Phillip Boney became a North Carolina prison officer in 2006, he knew he’d have to deal with dangerous, unethical people. At 6-foot-4 and 260 pounds, the former teaching assistant said he rarely felt intimidated by the inmates at Lanesboro Correctional Institution, 45 miles southeast of Charlotte.Prison officials, meanwhile, hire some employees with troubled pasts, and put new officers on the job with minimal training.They make it easy for officers to profit illegally – sneaking in drugs, cellphones and weapons.In his then-anonymous letters, Boney wrote about prison employees who “put the honorable staff members at risk.” Some sold inmates drugs and cellphones, he wrote. Worst of all, he alleged, a prison leader promoted corrupt staff members.Lanesboro, Boney wrote, had the “worst kind of gang in the state …

They fractured his arm and pelvic bone, leaving him in a wheelchair for a year.

I’ve asked my new Secretary of Public Safety to take a hard look at these issues and recommend ways to make our prisons safer.” To investigate prison corruption, Observer reporters analyzed state data and reviewed thousands of pages of documents.

They interviewed or corresponded with more than 65 current and former prison employees, more than 80 inmates, and dozens of prison experts, lawyers and law enforcement officials.

In some cases, when employees resign while under investigation, no charges are filed.

Prison officials have hired officers with histories of crime, violence and unethical behavior, failing to follow the examples of states that more thoroughly vet job applicants.” said George Solomon, the state’s recently retired director of prisons.

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