Cellvalidating error text

29-Jul-2017 00:38

First, the value is validated automatically by the editor itself. Validating Editor event is raised, which allows you to control the editor's value validity.

You can handle this event to provide your validation criteria.

This video will first show you the built-in data validation mechanisms enabled in the Grid Control by default.

Very often, users will input data into the individual cells in the control. To ensure that the error message goes away when the correct data is entered, service the Cell End Edit event, as follows: Private Sub Data Grid View1_Cell End Edit( _ By Val sender As Object, _ By Val e As System. Cell End Edit '---clear the error message--- Data Grid View1. Data Source = bindingsource '---add a combobox column to the Data Grid View control--- Data Grid View1. Add(combo Box Col) The previous code showed how you can bind a Binding Source control (containing a list of items to let the users choose) to a Data Grid View Combo Box Column control inside a Data Grid View control.