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11-May-2018 03:45

A gold member is able to view multiple cams, go fullscreen, chat with pornstars in the supershows, send and receive private messages, etc...

These users usually have more tokens and are more eager to tip you.

As long as the other person is also registered in your Cam4bucks account, absolutely!

Log in to Cam4bucks, go into Account Details and click on Add New Identity, then follow the 3 steps of identity verification. Nor do Cam4 or Cam4bucks provide any options or tools allowing people to record your shows as it is totally forbidden. In order to protect yourself we would suggest using software such as Many Cam to watermark your video with your cam4 url as many upload sites do not permit the upload of watermarked videos.

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Before you report them you might want to use our moderation tools to either kick them out of your chat, ban them from all your shows or mute them so they can still watch and send tips but their writing won't appear.Some websites will offer an online form for you to make the report, others will require an email/postal mail.If you are required to submit an email you will need to follow the format dictated by the DMCA; you can find a sample email here.As a result, tokens may be identified as being fraudulent after they have already been tipped to performers.

In order to refund these fraudulent tokens without affecting payments, we hold tips for 3 days after they are earned before we make them available for payment requests.

Once we approve your completed 2257 Compliance Form and proof of identification/age, then you're ready to go!