Bi sex films

22-Apr-2018 14:55

While confusion over sexual identity is an issue, it is clear that the homophobia in the short story and film of Brokeback Mountain adds to this theory.

Prejudice towards same sex couples leads to unneeded animosity and bigotry in Brokeback Mountain. They initially met and barely started a friendship when they first started herding sheep together.

The toxic homophobia in the rural West leads to the assumption that both men are gay when in reality, “the complicating factor was that they both fell into a once-in-a-lifetime love.” (Story to Screenplay, 132).

These are examples of how Ennis and Jack identify as bisexual since they date and marry women even though they had a relationship with each other.Ossana said that “Brokeback had acquired the reductive and spurious Hollywood tagline ‘a story about gay cowboys,’ much as Lonesome Dove has been dubbed ‘a story about a cattle drive.’” which enforces this uninformed decision making process (Story to Screenplay, 147).