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At Elite Singles we aim to connect Australia's most ambitious and interesting singles.In fact, the percentage of Elite Singles members who are university-educated members is double the national average, which means the odds of finding a like-minded single are in your favour!I have read several comments by different overseas authors that U. publishers advise them that they must sanitize their books to remove language and settings that make them uniquely different. It is no secret that I love to do armchair traveling by reading books that incorporate the author’s native colloquialisms, dialect, or traditions.

Marriage statistics tend to agree: the median age that Australians choose to get married has increased by as much as ten years over the past 30 years, suggesting career dreams are taking precedent over love and family ambitions. At Elite Singles we believe that a busy work life and successful career shouldn't come at the price of a happy personal life.

Finally after badgering her mother, she gives Wendy a general description and discloses that her father lost a couple of toes on his right foot while working as a welder.

Narrowing her search down to Western Australia, Wendy comes to Pilbara and runs into her father’s brother.

The first book, Sex, Lies and Bonsai is by Lisa Walker.

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Last year I read her first book, Liar Bird, and loved its quirkiness (sadly, Liar Bird is no longer showing as available on Amazon US, though it’s in the Amazon UK catalog).However, Gavin Jones, one of the engineers with a reputation as a womanizer takes an interest in her and if she is honest, she finds him very appealing too. It shares the spotlight with Wendy’s search for her father, Gavin’s secret, and the challenges of a woman working in a predominantly male field.

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