Asian dating in atlanta

18-Sep-2017 11:45

You whites wonder why blacks can't move on and get over racism.

My point was that she's talking about white men dating out and white men have the nerve to stomp on blacks. And as for your little glorified ghetto name you made up, that was stupid on your behalf.

Blacks think this about whites, whites think this about other races and so on.

Its no secret and its not a crime to dislike another breed of human : D p.s my husband has a very good job at a hospital and he works with alot of ignorant ghetto trashy ass black people that just make his work suck. That makes them no better than the ignorant poster.

I live in a town full of blacks and mexicans and its the worst environment I have ever lived in. IF NOT CRIMINALS THEN DRUG ADDICTS OR THEY LIVE OFF THE GOVERNMENT.

I know me ranting and raving probably makes me seem like an idiot but im just stating the truth.

Every black in the neighborhood trys to take that very the pregnant white woman cant cross. It's because obviously many of you are still very racist!

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I know this post was about asians...i know the answer to this also . Asians are this.have Beautiful perfect bodies there very independent and the let their man control them. Some white guys cant handle white women...they go for less smart asians ty : D Heres a joke u see a pregnant white girl walking down the road, she goes to cross the street what do u think happens. You whites wonder why blacks can't move on and get over racism.Until I get things in life for free without busting my ass for them the rules apply to all government slaves.