Are derek jeter and vanessa minnillo dating

22-Jan-2018 15:10

Now, if we were ranking these women, I’d probably have Scarlett Johansson in my Top 3, because nobody beats Minka Kelly in my book and Adriana Lima could order me to rob Fort Knox and I’d ask, “What time do you need the gold by? She wouldn’t be able to chase down the most mediocre groundballs to the left side, let alone screaming liners to the hole (teehee! With her legs and ample, um, you know, she should be behind the plate.

Tyra Banks is the kind of insane, reckless field leader that I’d need sacrificing it all at short, so I’ll move her there.

The biggest problem with the rest of these women is that they’re all on the wrong side of 30.

Not Jeter, though—the man scores with some of the most desirable female celebrities around.

At the risk of trivializing these celebrities – and while spelling all of their names correctly, unlike a certain Worldwide Leader – I thought I’d make some corrections to the starting lineup for the sake of accuracy.