30 year old man dating 21 year old

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Of course, it’s possible he is interested in sex but, having gotten to this point in life without knowing what to do, he may be terrified about disappointing a sophisticated woman like you.It could be that he has some kind of sexual hang-up, or feels self-conscious about his body for some reason.What your wife does is bad for retailers’ bottom line, but it’s better for yours that she’s a compulsive returner and not just a compulsive shopper. This recent story on how sporting goods retailer REI had to limit its return policy from forever to one year, because too many customers were returning worn items bought decades ago.I agree your wife is being somewhat dishonest—although let’s give her credit for wearing the stuff only once—and that she should build a real instead of virtual wardrobe, one she can afford. I bet the whole process of selecting items beyond her budget, showing up dressed to kill, then getting her money back gives her a kind of high.This was my first full time job after years of juggling two to three part-time jobs, and I looked forward to gaining experience and new skills.A few months later the program manager was let go and I was asked to take over.

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I believe in the value of going slow, but three months is long enough to see if a relationship is worth investing more time; one way to find out is to explore your sexual compatibility.This has become the underlying issue in most of our arguments.