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11-Jan-2018 00:29

You can instantly start a chat upon logging in to your Lifesize app by using the search option.

Search for a contact or meeting name by entering the first few characters in the search box, then highlight the name and click to launch Chat.

You can remove chats from the Chat page, but your chat history is not deleted.

You can have multiple chat sessions, each with an individual participant.

You can compose a new chat with someone with whom you have not previously chatted.

In addition to text, you can send images, stickers, Coupons & Promotions, research pages, and more. You can also use keyword reply messages alongside standard auto reply messages.If you wish to create a set of stickers, you can either sign a contract to release your own official account and create a set of sponsored stickers that way, or you can create your own stickers via the Creators Market and ask your friends to use them. You can chat with an individual in your Lifesize account group or participate in group chat in a meeting room.To join a group chat, choose the meeting room and click to join. People outside of your Lifesize account cannot participate in chat, nor will they see the chat conversation.

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To start a group chat: Participant names are listed on the right, along with their online status.

Group chats and multi-person chats are not supported because they may be used to send spam messages to LINE users or to use the service for illegitimate purposes.