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This is because poetry was used in pre-Islamic time to advertise the strength of a tribe’s king, wealth and people.The One Thousand and One Nights (Arabic: ), is a medieval folk tale collection which tells the story of Scheherazade, a Sassanid queen who must relate a series of stories to her malevolent husband, King Shahryar (Šahryār), to delay her execution.The frame story of Shahrzad seems to have been added in the 14th century.Arabic music is the music of Arab people, especially those centered around the Arabian Peninsula.The world of Arab music has long been dominated by Cairo, a cultural center, though musical innovation and regional styles abound from Tunisia to Saudi Arabia.

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The main difference between the western chromatic scale and the Arabic scales is the existence of many in-between notes, which are sometimes referred to as quarter tones for the sake of practicality.

"The common style that developed is usually called 'Islamic' or 'Arab', though in fact it transcends religious, ethnic, geographical, and linguistic boundaries" and it is suggested that it be called the Near East (from Morocco to India) style (van der Merwe, Peter 1989, p. Habib Hassan Touma (1996, p.xix-xx) lists "five components" which "characterize the music of the Arabs: Much Arab music is characterized by an emphasis on melody and rhythm rather than harmony. Some genres of Arab music are polyphonic—as the instrument Kanoun is based upon the idea of playing two-note chords—but quintessentially, Arabic music is melodic.

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